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Why are you still single?

December has come, why are you still single?

There are thousands single men and single women, but why?

1.You thought you are not beautiful or handsome enough.img_4609-copy-jpg

That’s not true! Look at those couples around you, some girl or guy are not beautiful or handsome, but they are not single, the only reason why you think you are not good, is because you don’t even like yourself, how can you make someone like you?

First of all, have smile and confidence. Everyone be like sunshine boy and sunshine girl. Who likes people with an unhappy face? Which one you prefer?

Being in a relationship really has very little to do with looks. It’s much more about the personality and just finding the right person. If you think about your looks too much, it might be a sign of low self-confidence and that’s something that can be difficult to hide. People notice that quickly and that can be a big turn off. It looks fade but you will always be who you are. Spend some time working on who you are. If you get to a point where you really are, and truly like yourself, it will show and people will notice and they will like it too. The most important person you have to convince to like you is yourself.

2.You might have had a hard time, and can’t move on.

I don’t have many words to those people, I know how is it feels, whatever the reason that made you two broke up is, all you can do, is move on, you don’t need to find another one immediately, you should take some time, take a rest, but I have to say, dating with another person is the fast way to solve this problem.

3.You might be too quiet, always stay in your comfortable zone.

You Always stay at your home or company (if your colleagues are the same gender as you, that that’s why). How can you get out of being single? And once you get a chance to meet a new person who you like, don’t be shy, talk to them.

4.How can we meet new people? I know some people don’t trust any dating website, but why do they exist? A lot of people meet online, why don’t you give yourself one more chance?

5.The last thing I should say is that here, on my website, there are no advertisements or fake profiles, because that’s not allowed. Enjoy your life! whenever you’re in here or not, hope all of my readers find your partner soon!

Remember, smile, good luck always for who love!

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