BBW dating

A few tips for Men who love bbws!

Come guys! I know you love BBW! Just say it!
But, there are few tips for Men while you dating with a BBW:

1. Compliment Her

Make her feel that she is beautiful by stating some compliment like ”you’re so lovely tonight”, “you look great”.

2. Look to her eyes

When you are talking to her, look to her eyes because it symbolizes sincerity, and she will feel that you are interested in her.

3. Be Gentleman

Be gentleman enough like a true man does, because of every woman whether fat or not are searching for someone who is gentle and nice man.

4. Respect her

Show some respect because every woman wants to be respected. Always be guided by this line, “respect begets respect”.

5. Drive her Home

Accompany her when going home after the date, make sure she will get home safe.

Anyway, that’s what I like A man!

I will tell “what shouldn’t do” next time!

Enjoy the dating with your BBW!

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