BBW dating

Quick question! Men only!

BBWs need to know why do some guys like BBW”s so much? what is the attraction? what makes us different from other women of average size?

Do men really like BBWs? like curvy? Why?


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  1. Sam

    Yes, there are plenty of men who love BBW’s.. However, what you attract and accept is another thing. You, can’t just settle for the first slick talking guy.. Actions speak louder then words. Keep that in mind.

  2. Josh

    I’m definitely a bbw and on my profile I say I’m Not a booty call, a one night stand, week end romp, or your go-to girl.. No one is getting lucky on the first meet !!! I’ve met and talk to some very nice men. They’re out there, just don’t be afraid to say “NO” not interested. The one for you will come along.

  3. Rikan420

    I love all BBW in the world but I’m Attracted to Well spoken Self-confident BBW that dress sexy but not slutty but not afraid to wear sexy lingerie for her Man.


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