BBW dating


Why the thinking page exsit?

Whatever we are, whatever we are like, whatever you are poverty or wealthiness, wahtever you are fat or thin, whatever, we are living, we need to find a way live happily, that`s the way we live, we have rights! we share the same sunshine, the same air, the same world, we should enjoy our life!

The way we live!


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  1. Bernadette

    I was a BBBW and PROUD of it. I had to lose some weight for my health and my goal to participate in a a triathlon. PLUS SIZE women who take care of themselves and carry themselves with pride, including wearing the appropriate undergarments and keeping “the girls” left to the imagination to others and not out for all to see, are the true epitome of class. Dress to impress your family and something you would were to teach or go to church in during the day and dress like a hoochie on your own time. I was very well proportioned, but kept my personal business, my personal business. There are some great suits out there that can help you show your junk in the truck and the headlights lit, without offending anyone or showing young students or audience member pre-mature porn. All in-all–BE RESPECTFUL.


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